• Fence Builder

    Fence Builder
    Get the sheep onto the lawn and then build the fence around it!

  • Disney Princess Dress Up 2

    Disney Princess Dress Up 2
    Dress up the Disney princess just as you like.

  • Bunnies and Eggs

    Bunnies and Eggs
    Try to get all of the cute bunnies safely to the other side!

  • Winter Park Dress Up

    Winter Park Dress Up
    Layer the latest looks for a snowy walk in the park.

  • Furniture Catapult

    Furniture Catapult
    Catapult pieces of furniture so that they fall down as close to the target as possible.

  • AntVenture

    It's going to take some careful planning to fish the ants out of this mess!

  • Fantasy Valentine Dress Up

    Fantasy Valentine Dress Up
    Dream big this Valentine's Day! Work your signature style to snag a super-cute date...

  • Concentration

    Concentrate, find all matching pairs and go to the next level!

  • The Last Village

    The Last Village
    Your peace-loving tribe has had enough misery from these palefaces. Now you'll fight to the death if you must.

  • The Candy Trap

    The Candy Trap
    The siblings were foraging for food when they fell into the witch's trap...

  • Sara\’s Cooking Class: Potato Salad

    Sara\’s Cooking Class: Potato Salad
    Tangy, fresh, and satisfying—perfect for your next BBQ!

  • Robin Hood and Treasures

    Robin Hood and Treasures
    Rob from the rich and give to the poor!

  • Fruity Flip Flop

    Fruity Flip Flop
    Combine three identical fruits in a row or column to remove them from the board!

  • Windowsill

    Explore a dusky world of impossible wonders...

  • New Splitter Pals

    New Splitter Pals
    Splitter Pals are back! Cut your way through 40 brand new levels and create your own with the powerful level editor! click full screen

  • Ball Revamped

    Ball Revamped
    Try to keep the ball steady and move it safely to the exit!

  • Penalty Shootout 2012

    Penalty Shootout 2012
    Penalty time is burden time—can you bang your aggregation to the finals?

  • Red

    Keep the falling balls from hitting your base.

  • Car Work Shop

    Car Work Shop
    Get your hands dirty keeping these car customers happy!

  • ATV Offroad Thunder

    ATV Offroad Thunder
    The more style in your stunts, the more awesome your off-road action!

  • Bloons

    Try to pop as many balloons as possible using the darts you are given on each level.

  • Candy Bricks

    Candy Bricks
    Gravity has done a 180 on your favorite block-fitting game.

  • Happy Gardener

    Happy Gardener
    Put your green thumbs to good use!

  • T-Zero Turbo X

    T-Zero Turbo X
    This space race is all about high speed and hairpin turns!

  • Rich Racer

    Rich Racer
    Starting a racing career is not as easy as you think…

  • Bus Man Parking 3D

    Bus Man Parking 3D
    Bus Man Parking 3D: Have you got the skills to beat these tough driving challenges?

  • Tractor Mania

    Tractor Mania
    This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

  • Table Rugby

    Table Rugby
    Come to the team's rescue and score the winning goal of the day!

  • Merry X-Mas Secret Room

    Merry X-Mas Secret Room
    Find four letters and then use them to form a French word related to Christmas!

  • ColorSmash

    Clear squares by clicking on a square that has two or more of its color next to it. Simple.

  • Cute Gown Dress Up

    Cute Gown Dress Up
    Help her choose the cuttiest gown of all!

  • Meet My Valentine 2

    Meet My Valentine 2
    Love conquers all on Valentine's Day!

  • Rocket Man

    Rocket Man
    Blast your human target!

  • Alien Slayer 3D

    Alien Slayer 3D
    Destroy the aliens before they destroy you!

  • Strategy Defence 4

    Strategy Defence 4
    Buy your soldiers, protect your towers, and defeat all enemy units.

  • Play Space Shooter Game

    Play Space Shooter Game
    Play Space_Shooter game: The aim of this game is to shoot down all the satellites before your strength becomes zero. If your space ship hits a planet your space ship gets attracted by the magnetic field of the planet, crashes into the planet, and you lose strong

  • Mana Wars 2

    Mana Wars 2
    More units, more battles, more choices, more Mana Wars!

  • Fire at Will

    Fire at Will
    Choose a map and shoot at moving targets.

  • Made in Mafia Games

    Made in Mafia Games
    Made in Mafia, Can you climb your way to the top of a criminal empire, kid?

  • Agent Combat

    Agent Combat
    Mission after mission, you're a one-man last stand.

  • Moon Dance Dress Up

    Moon Dance Dress Up
    What clothes are the best for dancing in the moonlight? Find out!

  • Fall Fashions

    Fall Fashions
    Choose 2 girls and change their look by dressing them up in fabulous clothes!

  • Neo Orb

    Neo Orb
    Manipulate the orbs to navigate Space Chicken through the ancient temple.

  • Blopper

    Take out all of the balloons with your dart to score the maximum amount of points.

  • Deep Trip

    Deep Trip
    Have a jolly good time with these jiggly jellies!

  • Purple Room Makeover

    Purple Room Makeover
    Rearrange Violet's room any way you like!

  • E Volution

    E Volution
    E_Volution is a fun point n' click game. Evolve through the levels as you try using various objects to solve all the puzzles.

  • Bird Flight

    Bird Flight
    Don't let the sky conk you on the head.

  • Snail Bob

    Snail Bob
    Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

  • Skylocopter 2

    Skylocopter 2
    The chopper is faster with less fuel, but you'll have to be faster to make it!

  • Crazy Balotelli

    Crazy Balotelli
    The Italian soccer star is on the field and ready to go for the goal…by any means necessary. Mario Balotelli is a bit upset that Spain won the Euro Cup, so now he\’s shooting for the goal, literally, in this crazy action game. Help him blast his way to victory with a small arsenal of weapons.

  • Soopa Sprinta

    Soopa Sprinta
    Run as fast as you can to the finish!

  • Air Hockey 3d

    Air Hockey 3d
    Play air hockey against the computer and try to win!

  • Cartoon Print Dress Up

    Cartoon Print Dress Up
    Dress up the little girl and choose some accessories for her.

  • Sunflower Dress Up

    Sunflower Dress Up
    Give this beach babe a relaxed holiday look!

  • Baby Doll House Décor

    Baby Doll House Décor
    Help little Laurie arrange her baby doll studio apartment!

  • Play Dwarf Coins Game

    Play Dwarf Coins Game
    Dwarf Coins game: This poor little guy has lost all of his precious loot. Won\’t you help him get it back?

  • Desktop Tower Defence

    Desktop Tower Defence
    Protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow.

  • Maganic Wars

    Maganic Wars
    Choose the card you want to use and click on the execute button to play your turn.

  • Sagittarius Dress Up

    Sagittarius Dress Up
    Find a striking new look for this Sagittarian huntress.

  • Cheater

    Caught cheating? Maybe you just need more practice...

  • WeZap

    Rocket Bob's on a run...and he can't seem to stop!

  • Horoscope Style: Virgo

    Horoscope Style: Virgo
    Vamp up your Virgo IQ—and get some fresh fashion tips while you're at it!

  • Beckham Celebrity Makeover

    Beckham Celebrity Makeover
    David Beckham is a brilliant on the field, but on the red carpeting he needs advice analogous Victoria\’s artist style!

  • Soccer World Cup 2010

    Soccer World Cup 2010
    Which team will be able to claim victory after the final whistle? Yours, of course!

  • Wolverine M.R.D. Escape

    Wolverine M.R.D. Escape
    What fool thinks he can keep Wolverine in a cage?

  • Bathroom Decoration 4

    Bathroom Decoration 4
    Julia needs your help turning her bathroom into the perfect relaxing escape!

  • Earth Defender

    Earth Defender
    Shoot down the enemy ships and missiles and defend the Earth from alien invaders.

  • Samba de Mausland

    Samba de Mausland
    Score points by clicking the flashing shakers and fruit!

  • CyberFish

    In this galaxy, green is the mark of the bad space man!

  • Submachine 5

    Submachine 5
    Stay focused, find and use items, and try to escape.

  • Beauty Resort 3

    Beauty Resort 3
    Exotic India is the setting for Heather's next palace of pampering!

  • Monster Truck Destroyer

    Monster Truck Destroyer
    Don\\’t drive around your opponents. Drive over them.

  • Dating Make Over 3

    Dating Make Over 3
    Help this girl choose some nice clothes for a date.

  • Rolling Fall

    Rolling Fall
    Rock and roll the zombies until they're wrecked!

  • Play Bride Beauty

    Play Bride Beauty
    Today is the day! Help our lovely bride choose the right dress for her wedding. Also, in order to complete the look, you'll have to pick the accessories that match and don't forget about the special tiara!

  • Warehouse Worker

    Warehouse Worker
    Puzzle your way through the warehouse to get it in tip-top shape!

  • Princess Bedroom Makeover

    Princess Bedroom Makeover
    This princess needs your help finding a place for all of her belongings!

  • Play Steroid Cart Game

    Play Steroid Cart Game
    Play Streoid Cart game: Drive your gokart to the last lap ! dont let other racers overtake you , user every way so they cant go after you because there's no rules in this competition ! Good Luck and BOMBB !

  • Kardashian Sisters Make-Up

    Kardashian Sisters Make-Up
    Get krazy with the sisters K!

  • Coaster Racer 2

    Coaster Racer 2
    The final frontier awaits...but first: pirates, city slickers, and the Wild West.

  • Flightless Game

    Flightless Game
    In Flightless game: Smash enemies, solve puzzles and collect gems with your magic ladder in this multiplayer-puzzle-platformer.

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter
    Even monsters need to eat, so grab your crossbow and get hunting!

  • Play Gemlink Bomb Edition Game

    Play Gemlink Bomb Edition Game
    Gemlink Bomb Edition: The popular gem linking game just got harder! With grid sizes ranging from 8x8 to 12x12, and a bomb ready to explode when you take to long, you'll have a real challenge on your hands! Also new is the Race The Clock mode, where you try to complete as many levels as possible before time runs out. The game also features a level editor that allows you to create your own levels. Even better, you can share your levels with your friends on facebook! They will have your level available in their Imported Levels section after clicking your link. Infinite fun!

  • Maverie, the Space Villain

    Maverie, the Space Villain
    When Maverie gets bored, the galaxy better beware!

  • Dragon Adventure

    Dragon Adventure
    A dark action adventure game.

  • Caravane 2

    Caravane 2
    Try to park your caravan as fast as possible!

  • Mario Xtreme Escape 2

    Mario Xtreme Escape 2
    Mario Xtreme Escape 2: Help Mario to collect all mushrooms and reach to the finish. Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure game!

  • Ski Resort Mogul

    Ski Resort Mogul
    Help Julia save a struggling ski resort from foreclosure by turning it into an upscale getaway!

  • Play Renegade Racing Game

    Play Renegade Racing Game
    Play Renegade Racing Game: Drivers, start your engines. It\’s time to hit the underground circuit, renegade style.

  • Tower Defense 2

    Tower Defense 2
    Buy towers, place them and shoot all your enemies.

  • Play Twist N Fix Game

    Play Twist N Fix Game
    Play Twist N Fix Game: Twist N Fix is an interesting nail biting game, which will take you to a curious state! A great Challenge for you! Your task is to pick the puzzle pieces from the left panel. Then you can twist it to find the apt position within the time limit. After completion of each level you will be encouraged with a score points. Think outside the box to fix and enjoy the game!

  • Snow ATV

    Snow ATV
    How fast could you possibly go in this winter wonderland of slippery snow??

  • Play Adventures of the Dude Games

    Play Adventures of the Dude Games
    Take control of the Dude in this action platformer; slide down cliffs while taking out enemies with your energy gun or dropping them into pits using your gravity gun!

  • Megaman X4

    Megaman X4
    Megaman X4 game is a fight to the death between Megaman X and Magma Dragoon! Play free game online.

  • Winter Make Up 2

    Winter Make Up 2
    Help Connie fight the winter blues with a makeover!

  • Palladium Castle

    Palladium Castle
    Walls can only keep out so many mythical monsters—for the rest, you're gonna need some firepower of your own!

  • Electric Doyu

    Electric Doyu
    Create a buzz by harnessing the power of electricity.

  • Mirror Make Up

    Mirror Make Up
    Look in the mirror and choose the best makeup for this girl.

  • Evolver

    Millions of years of evolution cut down into some puzzling chunks...

  • Leana Make Up

    Leana Make Up
    Make Leana up to look lovely and choose some accessories for her!

  • Helicoptergame

    Control your helicopter as long as you can, avoiding all obstacles.

  • Slip Slide Sloth

    Slip Slide Sloth
    Swing these sloths to some sweet smooching!

  • Sue's Earring Maker

    Sue's Earring Maker
    Could you be a jewelry designer?

  • Valentine Girl Dress Up

    Valentine Girl Dress Up
    Dress up this cute Valentine girl. Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Super Hacky Sack

    Super Hacky Sack
    Kick the ball with the tip of your feet or head!

  • Catastrophic Construction

    Catastrophic Construction
    After playing for just two minutes, you'll gain new appreciation for the fine art of clicking-and-dragging!

  • Summer_Sunny

    In Summer_Sunny_Girl game: Anna is a fashion girl who loves shopping and makeup. Today she has a date, please help her dress up and make her more attractive.

  • Powerball!

    Keep the mouse pointer on the lights to activate the powerball's internal rotor!

  • Prehistoric Football

    Prehistoric Football
    Go down in distance-record history before there even was history.

  • Holy War Invasion

    Holy War Invasion
    Get to the end of the level, destroying as many enemy units as possible on the way.

  • Montys Moon Game

    Montys Moon Game
    Help Monty reach the moon in this highly polished launcher game. With 35 upgrades, 20 achievements, 4 power ups and various special items and obstacles, Monty's Moon features addicting gameplay with a touching storyline.

  • Play School Bus Racing Game

    Play School Bus Racing Game
    School Bus Racing is a fun racing game that shows you just what school bus drivers get up to once their work is done! Weld on your nitro boosters, and race your way through ten increasingly challenging courses on your road to being the king of school bus racers! Buses aren't as nimble or manoeuvrable as your average car however, so take care when turning those tight corners!

  • Escape the Appartment

    Escape the Appartment
    Gather items, use them to unlock the main door, and escape from the room!

  • Decorate a Friend</h1>

    Decorate a Friend
    No one is safe! Turn your accompany into wild, wacky, admirable pieces of art!

  • Snow Down

    Snow Down
    Throw snowballs at the bullies and knock down their ice fort!

  • Sphere Core

    Sphere Core
    Navigate around the room, interact with objects you find, and solve the puzzle!

  • Flower Rush

    Flower Rush
    Flower Rush: In this game, help the bee drop a seed into a flower pot through a row a blocks and grow a beautiful flower. Good luck!

  • Emus

    Turn the flat upside down and find five toys!

  • Royal Thumble

    Royal Thumble
    Kick-ass thumbwrestling matches, complete with Mexican Lucha Libre masks. Let's get ready to Thumble!!!

  • Play Battalion Commander Game

    Play Battalion Commander Game
    Play Battalion Commander Game: Your troops are waiting for their commander: can you pull off this critical mission?

  • Ice Cream Bar

    Ice Cream Bar
    There's nothing better on a hot summer day...

  • Halloween Dress Up 3

    Halloween Dress Up 3
    Give this girl scary Halloween look!

  • School Invaders

    School Invaders
    When the aliens arrive, the kiddies with the best aim shall rule the school!

  • Summer Shells

    Summer Shells
    Even more valuable than the shells themselves is the ocean adventure!

  • Millennium Falcon Defense Game

    Millennium Falcon Defense Game
    Play Millennium Falcon Defense free game online. Imperial forces have surrounded Millennium Falcon on the deserted planet. Han Solo and Chewbacca are in trouble. Can you help them survive the attack of the Dart Vader's evil forces?

  • Daily Jigsaw

    Daily Jigsaw
    A new puzzle every day! Compete for the daily high score, or just relax and have fun.

  • Play Elite Unit 3 Games

    Play Elite Unit 3 Games
    In the new part of Elite Unit you need to past a final test to become a Elite Unit soldier. Your target is to kill all enemys in three different mission!

  • Pour the Fish Level Pack

    Pour the Fish Level Pack
    Can you keep your fishy friend alive and flipping?

  • Barbie School Bike Cleaning

    Barbie School Bike Cleaning
    Barbie School Bike Cleaning: Dad of Barbie has a birthday gift with a brand new bike and everyday she goes to school on her bike. Her bike got dirty and covered with mud because of the rain. So She can't take her bike to school. Help clean up Barbie's bike by washing it with soap and water that it becomes a new bike once again.

  • Play Oodlegobs Game

    Play Oodlegobs Game
    Play Oodlegobs Game: Oodlegobs is a puzzle platform main game

  • Green-Gray World: Not For Losers

    Green-Gray World: Not For Losers
    It's a green-gray world, and ain't no losers gonna make it across these platforms.

  • School Braided Hairstyles

    School Braided Hairstyles
    School Braided Hairstyles: Why don't you ladies step in getting this brand-new hairstyling game started to help Selena decide on the chic coiffure she needs for today? First off all, you will have to properly wash her hair by apply a delicate shampoo, a conditioner, and a hair mask.

  • Purply Fairy Dress Up

    Purply Fairy Dress Up
    Help this dainty little fairy choose the most beautiful dress of all!

  • Shopping Dress Up 3

    Shopping Dress Up 3
    She is going out for a shopping trip; but what should she wear?

  • Love at the Lake

    Love at the Lake
    Board the boat and lock lips on the open water!

  • Xtreme Gladiatorial Challenge

    Xtreme Gladiatorial Challenge
    Take down the Pringles Xtreme girls to win an Xbox 360 or Sony MP3 player.

  • Little Romeo & Juliet

    Little Romeo & Juliet
    Find a happy ending for this adorable pair of star-crossed lovers.

  • Bloc

    Drop the piece in the correct hole to go to the next level!

  • Pink Dollhouse Decoration 2

    Pink Dollhouse Decoration 2
    Put together a comfortable pink house for this little girl.