• Hill Defender

    Hill Defender
    From your vantage point, all enemies are just sitting ducks.

  • World Cup 1 On 1

    World Cup 1 On 1
    World Cup 1 On 1:Play another thrilling 1 on 1 soccer tournament. Choose your team and defeat other participants in the World Cup 1on1 soccer game.

  • Mario Racing Tournament

    Mario Racing Tournament
    Play Mario Racing game - Make sure to choose your favorite player and leave the others in the dust, but don't forget to smash the question mark blocks and obtain coins on your way to the finish line! Finish each map in first place to advance to the next level. Play free game Mario Racing.

  • Curious Clarissa

    Curious Clarissa
    Curious Clarissa: Help Clarissa to collect toys. She plays wherever she wants and often forgets her toys. Check out all the playgrounds and help Clarissa to collect all the toys! Have fun!

  • Kebab Van

    Kebab Van
    Serve different mixtures of Kebab to keep your customers happy!

  • Barbies Cosy Room Decorating

    Barbies Cosy Room Decorating
    Barbies Cosy Room Decorating: Barbie is going to move into her new apartment. But the interiors of the apartment are not done yet. Help her to decorate the room with stylist furniture and all that is required to make a room cosy and beautiful. Be creative in decorating the room. Have fun!

  • Heavy Shooter

    Heavy Shooter
    Heavy Shooter: Would a world without law a peaceful one? In this futuristic first person shooting game you will face a lot of chaos and crime. Try to survive at all costs, run upgrades and unlock new weapons to wipe out all enemies in this heavy shooter.

  • NR Mahjong

    NR Mahjong
    Remove titles by matching them in pairs!

  • Railway Madness

    Railway Madness
    Jump aboard and ride the rails...

  • Lasagna: Sara's Cooking...

    Lasagna: Sara's Cooking...
    What\’s that delightful smell coming from the kitchen? It\’s lasagna, Sara\’s latest and greatest dish.

  • Play Questopia games

    Play Questopia games
    Use WASD/arrow keys to move and mouse to attack. Instructions about loot, exits and more are given during the game.

  • Load of Croc

    Load of Croc
    Help Archie the Explorer get vital medical supplies across a river full of deadly crocodiles! Similar to Frogger, but you must travel both ways across the river!

  • Wolverine Mrd Escape

    Wolverine Mrd Escape
    Play free Wolverine Mrd Escape games online

  • Bizarre Office Escape

    Bizarre Office Escape
    Bizarre Office Escape: Late hours, I was engrossed in my work. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. When I went out to check-in, I realized the office boy had locked the door without noticing me. Already it is late and I have to get out as soon as possible. Can you help me to come out from the office by finding clues and correlate them logically to escape from this place?

  • Love at the Lake

    Love at the Lake
    Board the boat and lock lips on the open water!

  • Ring Avoider 2

    Ring Avoider 2
    Test your dexterity and speed as the challenge builds…

  • Beach Trip Makeover

    Beach Trip Makeover
    Get Kyra ready for a day trip to the beach.

  • Metal Slug Brutal

    Metal Slug Brutal
    Slay the enemies that roam the streets of your town!

  • The Space Zebra

    The Space Zebra
    Help James the Space Zebra collect all Dark Matter and avoid asteroids.

  • Rescue Lander

    Rescue Lander
    Help the little green alien save his girlfriend and land the spaceship on the blue spot.

  • Mouse Hunt

    Mouse Hunt
    Mouse Hunt is a action game that is aimed at children aged 10 to 14 years. Help Micky get the cheese but watch out for Tom the cat.

  • woobies


  • Red Wire/Green Wire

    Red Wire/Green Wire
    With so much at stake, your gut instincts just won't cut it.

  • Spacelander

    Collect all the stones and land safely on the spot!

  • War of the Ancients

    War of the Ancients
    Man the walls—the peasants are revolting!

  • Pursuit of Hat

    Pursuit of Hat
    I'd accord my appropriate bottom for that hat. And my left...

  • Tanaka\’s Friendly Adventure

    Tanaka\’s Friendly Adventure
    Everyone is invited to Tanaka's party, if he can find them first...

  • Baby Strawberry Shortcake Fun

    Baby Strawberry Shortcake Fun
    Have you ever wondered how the adorable Strawberry Shortcake looked like when she was just a little baby? Your chores will be the usual ones for a baby sitter: you will be bathing her, changing her diaper, and then get her ready and all dressed-up for the fun day that awaits! Have fun!

  • Hip Surgery

    Hip Surgery
    Hip Surgery: Help this women get well. She has big problems at her hip and now she need an urgent surgery. She fell from the stairs and she broke the hip bone. Because you are one of the greatest doctors, her life is in your hands. Prove all that great thing and help this young girl get rid of this terrible pains.

  • Naughty Gym Class

    Naughty Gym Class
    The girls in this gym figure out all sorts of tricks to see coach Rodder in action!

  • Tom Vs Ben

    Tom Vs Ben
    Tom Vs Ben: Tom cat can not bear Ben's bully on him anymore! So he asks Ben to have a fight with him! The loser will have to be servant for the winner for a whole week! Who will be the winner of this cat vs dog fight? Let's have a try!

  • NY Cab Drive

    NY Cab Drive
    Show off your active abilities with New York's finest.

  • Seahorse Roundup

    Seahorse Roundup
    Collect underwater objects as you ride the puzzle paths of beautiful Belize and go to the next level.

  • Madpac Underwater

    Madpac Underwater
    Have fun with this classic game concept with an underwater twist.

  • Angel Make Up

    Angel Make Up
    What make-up best suits an angel? Find out!

  • Play  Arcane Weapon Game

    Play Arcane Weapon Game
    Play Arcane Weapon Game: In a city with a nasty cyborg problem, your blade is the only thing that stands between order and chaos.

  • Papa s Taco Mia

    Papa s Taco Mia
    So what happens when an Italian chef opens a successful Pizzeria and Burgeria? Build the biggest, wackiest Taquería anyone has ever seen! After winning a taco eating contest, you're awarded the keys to Papa's Taco Mia! Good luck though, because all your favorite customers are back, and they brought friends. Unlock all sorts of ingredients and upgrade your shop for style and speed. Try to please those picky Closers, and mystify Jojo the food critic with your wild taco making skills!

  • 60 Seconds to Graduation

    60 Seconds to Graduation
    With graduation this close, even a slacker can pull of some cheating superpowers.

  • Dora At Park

    Dora At Park
    Dora At Park: Are you ready? Today is a lovely sunny day. So Dora and her best friends forever decides to go the new park in the city. They can't wait to play interesting games with your help. So let's start now!

  • Alien SOS

    Alien SOS
    After an alien crash-landing, you depend on a chain of portals to get you home...if you can get to them.

  • Dinner Decoration 2

    Dinner Decoration 2
    Get the table ready for a choose-your-own-dinner party. What will each guest eat?

  • Squirrel Blast

    Squirrel Blast
    Strap on a jetpack and blast your way to acorn heaven!

  • Mutant Hamsters

    Mutant Hamsters
    Time for a hamster extermination: the little buggers have turned into havoc-happy mutant maniacs!

  • Joy and the Magical Guardrobe

    Joy and the Magical Guardrobe
    Dress Joy in a variety of outfits chosen from the exciting magic wardrobe!

  • I'll Be Lightning

    I'll Be Lightning
    Keep the stars in the sky by energizing them with your lightning.

  • Dora Blueberry Ice Cream

    Dora Blueberry Ice Cream
    Have you ever making ice-cream? Our adventure girl Dora loves cooking so much. Today her friends come to her house so Dora decides to make blueberry ice cream for them. Let's join her in the kitchen and help her a hand. Have fun!

  • Bloons Player Pack 2

    Bloons Player Pack 2
    Pop as many balloons as possible using the given darts.

  • Territory War

    Territory War
    Cool online game for the WORMS fans out there!

  • My House

    My House
    Building is so much easier when you have a bird\’s eye view!

  • Conquer Antartica

    Conquer Antartica
    Eliminate all of the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign.

  • The Flying Platypus

    The Flying Platypus
    Launch, eat stuff for a bigger boost, and go for a high score!

  • Obnoxius 2

    Obnoxius 2
    Guide the green and orange creatures to their homes and collect the 2 stars on every level.

  • Mimi Jigsaw Puzzle

    Mimi Jigsaw Puzzle
    Drag the puzzle pieces and complete the picture of Mimi and her dog!

  • Burger Builder

    Burger Builder
    Stack up your snacks for a win!

  • The Classroom 2

    The Classroom 2
    Cheat off of your companions without getting caught by the teacher.

  • Disco Jungle

    Disco Jungle
    Change the color of the tiles and create chains of at least 3 tiles of the same color.

  • Nitro Trabi

    Nitro Trabi
    Race your brand new Trabant through the streets of Bucharest!

  • Crazy Shooter

    Crazy Shooter
    Shoot the creatures just at the red point!

  • School Prom Dress Design

    School Prom Dress Design
    School Prom Dress Design: Can you imagine seeing your beloved prom dress on some other girl when the day of your dreams finally arrives? No, that'd be a nightmare! Then design one on your own and avoid the risk! Here's a rich selection of wonderful fabrics and models, you just need to choose your favorite and then leave the rest to us!

  • Even More Bloons

    Even More Bloons
    Pop as many bloons as you can with the darts over 50 amazing levels!

  • New Hairstyle Make Over

    New Hairstyle Make Over
    Look at the picture and change the girl's hairstyle.

  • Play Wheelie King Game

    Play Wheelie King Game
    Wheelie King is the ultimate wheelie endurance game! Keep your balance and manage your pace as you aim to perform the longest wheelie of all time! Endure humps and drops as you struggle against gravity. One false move and you'll be crashing into the ground! Lucky for you however, you have three lives at your disposal, so make the most of them!

  • Burger Boy

    Burger Boy
    Preparation and perfect timing lead to loyal customers!

  • Mon Sudoku

    Mon Sudoku
    Choose number or monster mode and fill the grid!

  • Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail
    Dress these wild cats in fairy tale attire!

  • The Commander's Sister

    The Commander's Sister
    Look at the map and your enemies and place your turrets in right places.

  • Metal Slug 2

    Metal Slug 2
    Survive through worldwide missions in countries like Japan and Afghanistan!

  • Cat Bat: Hit The Cat

    Cat Bat: Hit The Cat
    Cat Bat is a action game that is aimed at children aged over 14 years. Yet again the medieval castle is infested with unwanted cats. You have been drafted by the king to rid the castle of all the pesky little pussys .

  • Flatout

    How far can you fly... out of the front windshield of your car?

  • Secret Agent Slacking

    Secret Agent Slacking
    Secret Agent Slacking: Sarah and Jessica are secret agents working to stop evil. They have found the secret underground lair of Dr. Badguy and are trying to stop him taking over the world! Sounds cool right? But Sarah's gotten stuck on lookout duty while Jessica gets to have all the fun.Help Sarah slack on lookout duty. If Jessica pops her head out of the vent quickly press X to get back to work!

  • Yellow Cab Taxi Parking

    Yellow Cab Taxi Parking
    Yellow Cab Taxi Parking: Are you ready? Park your Taxi in the least possible time in this fun driving flash game. Have fun with game!

  • Parajumper

    Control the jumper and try to land as close as possible to the target.

  • Phonebooth Dress Up

    Phonebooth Dress Up
    Help her select some fashionable clothes to wear in the city!

  • Emus

    Turn the flat upside down and find five toys!

  • Kiddie Playdate

    Kiddie Playdate
    Get these kids dressed for their playdate! Make sure their outfits fit the weather and location you choose.

  • Catch the presents

    Catch the presents
    Catch as many presents as you can before you run out of time!

  • Winter Girl Make Up

    Winter Girl Make Up
    Choose a nice winter make-up for this beautiful girl.

  • Yuko-Race!

    Steer your car and try to reach your goal before the time runs out!

  • The Great Kitchen Escape

    The Great Kitchen Escape
    Explore the kitchen, search for items and escape!

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Chicken Nuggets

    Sara's Cooking Class: Chicken Nuggets
    Strike gold with these succulent chicken nuggets!

  • Cheater

    Caught cheating? Maybe you just need more practice...

  • Rock Chick Hairstyles

    Rock Chick Hairstyles
    Rocking out takes a lot of energy...and a lot of style!

  • Puzzle Maniax 2

    Puzzle Maniax 2
    Choose the picture and complete the puzzle before time ends.

  • Crossbow 3D

    Crossbow 3D
    Think you're a acceptable shot? Train your crosshairs and blaze at will.

  • Moto X Madness

    Moto X Madness
    You'll need more than speed to take the gold in all 4 events!

  • Wild West Gunslinger 3D

    Wild West Gunslinger 3D
    Wild West Gunslinger 3D: 6 levels of cowboys shooting in Wild West town locations. Shoot and kill all of the cowboys to level up.

  • Super Njam

    Super Njam
    Send these blobs on a spinning puzzle adventure!

  • Robokill Trainer

    Robokill Trainer
    Aggressive robot forces have captured space station Titan Prime--reclaim it!

  • Cartoon Print Dress Up

    Cartoon Print Dress Up
    Dress up the little girl and choose some accessories for her.

  • Play Kerry Workout Games

    Play Kerry Workout Games
    Help Kerry into shape with some advanced aerobics

  • Alien Invasion 2

    Alien Invasion 2
    It may be their planet, but it's your resource pool, so defend your right to mine it!

  • Dragon Chain Game

    Dragon Chain Game
    Dragon Chain Game: Nooo, don't let the little dragons fall into that pit!

  • D-finder 3

    D-finder 3
    Do you know these games well enough to see what's missing?

  • BMW Z8 Puzzle

    BMW Z8 Puzzle
    Put the pieces together to complete the picture of this convertible.

  • Monster Truck 3D

    Monster Truck 3D
    For Sale: Monster truck, jacked up and ready to rampage!

  • Ong's Sisters Kitchen

    Ong's Sisters Kitchen
    Prepare ice creams, sausages, puffs and donuts by clicking on the machines in the correct order.

  • Crazy Dream

    Crazy Dream
    Crazy Dream: Colorful game with simple controls and nice graphics and sound. For three levels the hero is transformed from sky lantern to spaceship to withstand a variety of enemies, overcome distances and parallel worlds to reach his dream.

  • Milk Truck

    Milk Truck
    Don't cry over spilled milk—push the pedal to the metal!

  • Play Crayon Shin chan Rescue dog Game

    Play Crayon Shin chan Rescue dog Game
    Little white dog is chasing by a pack of Fierce Dogs, and kidnapped in the last. Crayon Shin-chan is very angry and fight with those fierce dogs

  • Apple Orchard

    Apple Orchard
    Enjoy nature's finest: apples in a basket!

  • Leaving the Country

    Leaving the Country
    Help Sarah and Douglas find new lives and friends in their new hotel in the French countryside!

  • Battle Ring

    Battle Ring
    Win the battle and save the word games the dark power of Mordor!

  • RepliCat

    We all know what will happen if you run into your own replica in deep space...or do we?

  • 4 Wheel Fury

    4 Wheel Fury
    Get a highscore by racing on your super-fast quad!

  • Red Storm

    Red Storm
    In a distant future, the Soviets have gone truly red...Martian red. Rein 'em in, boys.

  • Camp Runamuck

    Camp Runamuck
    Paddle, climb, and jump your way to the finish in the Camp Runamuck Thunder Challenge!

  • The Great Burger Builder

    The Great Burger Builder
    Build burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart.

  • Ant-Kendo

    Use the stick. Own the stick. Don't fall off the stick.

  • Stealthbound Level Pack

    Stealthbound Level Pack
    Stealthbound is back for more in this fun platform game. Sneak past the guards and overcome obstacles to advance to the next level. Have fun with game.

  • Tom and Jerry: Trap-o-matic

    Tom and Jerry: Trap-o-matic
    Tom and Jerry: Trap-o-matic is a handling game that is aimed at children aged 5 to 10 years. Tom has to build a race to catch Jerry.

  • Sudoku 2

    Sudoku 2
    Fill the grid with digits from 1 to 9.

  • Heroine Hoops

    Heroine Hoops
    Play free Heroine Hoops games online

  • Dune Bashing In Dubai

    Dune Bashing In Dubai
    Complete every stage in a short amount of time and go to the next level.

  • Ninja Hunter

    Ninja Hunter
    Ninjas are attacking the Temple of the Wind Goddess. Cut them with their own words!

  • MMA Training Ground

    MMA Training Ground
    To compete in the MMA, you have to be prepared to break a few bones, including your own.

  • World Culture Dress Up

    World Culture Dress Up
    Select one of the national costumes and dress the girl up in it!

  • Find the Hero

    Find the Hero
    Can you select the right pieces of the hero before time runs out?

  • Ice Cream Decoration

    Ice Cream Decoration
    Wow the world with your ice-cold creations.

  • Night at the Museum

    Night at the Museum
    The hit film really comes to life on your screen!

  • Another Box of Hotcorn

    Another Box of Hotcorn
    Enjoyed Hotcorn? Here's another game filled with 50 brand new levels to pop.

  • Zomboz

    With boilerplate to run and boilerplate to hide, these zombies are toast.

  • Mermaid

    Shoot all the seals and collect bonuses!

  • Play School Bus Racing Game

    Play School Bus Racing Game
    School Bus Racing is a fun racing game that shows you just what school bus drivers get up to once their work is done! Weld on your nitro boosters, and race your way through ten increasingly challenging courses on your road to being the king of school bus racers! Buses aren't as nimble or manoeuvrable as your average car however, so take care when turning those tight corners!

  • Fairy Café

    Fairy Café
    Betty the fairy has just opened a pretty little cafe! Can you help her keep the fairy customers happy?

  • Gowns and Skirts Dress Up

    Gowns and Skirts Dress Up
    Help this posh girl pick the most elegant gown for a party.

  • Winter Make Up 2

    Winter Make Up 2
    Help Connie fight the winter blues with a makeover!

  • Draw Story

    Draw Story
    Let this world of doodle be your escape from daily boredom...

  • Grid 16

    Grid 16
    Survive as long as you can in these small games that get harder and harder.

  • Music Dress Up

    Music Dress Up
    Choose the best clothes, hairdo and makeup for this beautiful girl.

  • Wake Up

    Wake Up
    All's fair in love and pillow fights...

  • Mysterious Residence Escape

    Mysterious Residence Escape
    Mysterious Residence Escape: You find yourself locked in the ancient house in your block. Use your wits to get out of this house before it becomes even creepier than it already is.

  • SpaceCraft

    Holy mother of all space ships: dive into this deep-space power struggle!

  • Bloopers 2

    Bloopers 2
    Bombs, cannonballs, rockets...use whatever it takes to forward these bouncing Bloopers home!

  • Zombie Launcher

    Zombie Launcher
    This delightful dead guy's nothin' but smiles!

  • Make a Bead Necklace

    Make a Bead Necklace
    Select a bead collection, drag beads onto the string and click 'done' to send it to your friend!

  • Anika's Odyssey

    Anika's Odyssey
    Help Anika Greenfield explore her colorful landscape as she searches to reclaim her beloved friend.

  • Congestion Chaos

    Congestion Chaos
    As a delivery boy, you hate traffic and try to avoid congestions…

  • Ammo Chase

    Ammo Chase
    Catch the enemies in the blue car as fast as you can.

  • Baby Hazel Summer Fun

    Baby Hazel Summer Fun
    Baby Hazel Summer Fun: Summer is coming, it's so hot! baby hazel feels restless and uncomfortable! Now by giving the baby a bath to make her feel comfortable! To protect the baby's skin from UV rays, don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion and talc for her after finish the bath. Beause she will play out in sun at backyard garden,so you should dress up her in comfortable light clothes.

  • Baby Bunny Dress Up

    Baby Bunny Dress Up
    This baby bunny is already adorable, so imagine what it'd look like in a suit!